Thanks for stopping by! At Austin Sunshine Camps, we coordinate life-giving experiences for volunteers that cultivate authentic connections through wholehearted service. Are you interested in getting more involved at Austin Sunshine Camps? Please fill out our VOLUNTEER INTEREST FORM to let us know how you would like to get involved!

“After I attended the volunteer training, I began to think about my own summer camp experiences as a kid and the impact I could have at ASC. I used the time leading up to my service week visualizing and mentally preparing for camp, for the fun I could have, and for the difference I could make. Using that time leading up to camp, brought up memories of me at camp and I started to get really excited!”

Andrew Smith
Group of Austin Sunshine Camp campers paddling a canoe
On behalf of our staff here at ASC, we are honored that you have decided to volunteer with our organization. Volunteers can provide the magic of camp in many ways! We have volunteer opportunities to work directly with campers and their families or behind the scenes. Additionally, we have volunteer opportunities for individuals, groups, families, colleagues, and teams! Looking for something unique? Contact Rachel our Volunteer Coordinator at rachel@sunshinecamps.org.

“Even though I only went to summer camp once when I was nine, I vividly remember the experience including but not limited to the ropes course, the horse's name, a little bit of freedom, and trying new things. These things made a difference in my life. If I can make that difference in someone else's life, I want that opportunity!”

Camry Wiser
Austin Sunshine Camps volunteer posing for a photo

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