YMBL Sunshine Foundation Scholarship

About the YMBL Sunshine Foundation Scholarship

Purpose & History
The YMBL Sunshine Foundation scholarship program was established in 1992 and has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars in scholarships since. Scholarships are awarded to graduating high school seniors or high school graduates who have graduated within the previous four years, and who have also participated in one or more of Austin Sunshine Camps’ programs. The YMBL Sunshine Foundation awards scholarships on an annual basis. Currently, there are two scholarships to meet different needs:

The William J. Hudspeth Scholarship (4 year colleges and universities)

William J. Hudspeth Scholarship recipients are eligible to receive up to $20,000 over their educational career.

Mary & Ronney Reynolds Scholarship (2 year colleges and universities, and non-university programs)

The Mary & Ronney Reynolds Scholarship is designed for students attending accredited vocational or technical school programs, and other non-university programs. Recipients can receive up to $6,000 over two years (4 semesters).

The application for 2023 closed in May. Applications for 2024 will open in April 2024.

At Austin Sunshine Camps, Every Camper Shines

Austin Sunshine Camps is dedicated to engaging and empowering youth through education and outdoor experiences. Our vision is to ignite infinite possibilities for Austin’s youth by giving back to our community.

Selection Criteria

Students eligible to receive these awards must be graduating from high school in the current school year or have graduated high school within the last four years. All applicants must have participated in Austin Sunshine Camps youth development programs as either participants or counselors, or ideally both. Levels of participation, duration of participation, and recency of participation will all be considered. Applications may also be considered based on need, merit, and correctly following application instructions.

Learn More

Email: programs@sunshinecamps.org
Phone: (512) 505-0908
Mail: PO Box 161270, Austin, Texas 78716

The application for 2023 closed in May. Applications for 2024 will open in April 2024.