Counselor-in-Training Program

About Our Counselor-in-Training Program

Started in 2018, this is an application-based program for high school students, ages 16 and older, and consists of paid employment for at least two sessions of summer camp (4 weeks). The goal of this program is to create a path for former campers to become summer staff when they turn 18, and to continue to cultivate the relationship built throughout their years at camp.

CIT applications are closed for summer 2024. CIT Applications for summer 2025 will be available in mid-November, with interviews starting in early January. Please click the button below to apply!

How it Works

Application Process


CITs may apply throughout the school year. In the spring, CITs undergo an interview process via Zoom or in-person.

Summer Employment

A group of young campers at Austin Sunshine Camps posing for a group photo

CITs commit to working at least two 10-day sessions in the summer. Compensation, room, and board are provided. CITs must have turned 16 by the time they work their summer session. 

Year-Round Employment

Austin Sunshine Camper taking a photo with an Austin Sunshine Camp counselor

Selected CITs who perform well during the summer are invited to work at family programming during the year. These events are on evenings, school holidays, and weekends. Compensation is provided.

Click here for more information about the YMBL Sunshine Foundation Scholarship.

After Graduation

Two young women posing for a photo at Austin Sunshine Camp's Zilker Park Camp
Successful CIT program participants will have the opportunity to work as a summer camp counselor after they graduate high school and are at least 18 years old. Involvement in the ASC CIT program makes you eligible to apply for the YMBL Sunshine Foundation Scholarship - the greater involvement you have in the program, the greater chance you have of receiving scholarship funds.