counselor-in-training program

Our Goals

The goal of the Counselor-In-Training program is to engage, develop, and empower emerging leaders through the avenues of summer camp and year-round training and employment experiences

Participant Goals

1. Practice each of ASC’s core values at home, at school, and in life
2. Be prepared for a role as a summer camp counselor
3. Feel a sense of belonging at ASC and help others to feel the same
4. Be equipped for success in life through high school and beyond

Our Shine Values

We put Safety first – responsibility for ourselves, our camp, and each other
We are Honest – truthfulness in all we do
       We Include everyone – every person matters
       We Never give up – persistence, grit, and resilience
We are Empowered – we can accomplish anything


Application Process

Application due date - October 15th, 2018. Interviews - October 15th - 26th, 2018

summer employment

Commit to working at least two consecutive weeks in the summer. Receive programming aimed at leadership development. Support summer and year-round staff in making sure campers SHINE. Compensation provided. Room and board provided

code of conduct

Outline expectations for CITs as representatives of Austin Sunshine Camps’ core values. Feedback for CITs built around Code of Conduct. Will review & sign after interview

year-round employment

Commit to working at least one day camp or weekend camp in the Spring or Fall semester. Commit to attending the accompanying training for weekend or day camp. Compensation provided. Room and board provided if applicable

attendance at shine events

Monthly leadership development events build around ASC’s core values. May be focused on STEAM, health & wellness, and/or the great outdoors. Commit to attending three each year. See Fall calendar, Spring dates to follow

monthly communication and engagement

In-person meetings on months when you miss a SHINE event

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The CIT program is free of charge.The program allows for gainful employment. As CITs move through their second and third year in the program, they will have more opportunities to lead the program and make decisions regarding the content of SHINE events, training, and more.

Involvement in the program makes you eligible to apply for the YMBL Sunshine Foundation Scholarship – the greater involvement you have in the program, the greater chance you have of receiving scholarship funds.

Successful CIT program participants will have the opportunity to work as a summer camp counselor after they graduate high school and because of their history of involvement with ASC, will set an example for summer staff that do not come from the ASC family.

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