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Employment Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in employment with Austin Sunshine Camps. We are no longer hiring for the 2022 season. Look for our 2023 application in early fall!

Seasonal Employment Opportunities

At Austin Sunshine Camps, we look for innovative, hard-working, radical change-makers who believe in the power of summer camp and believe that all kids deserve a place to grow, connect and explore.

At ASC, you will probably work the hardest you’ve worked in your life and make better friends and memories than you can imagine.

We are firmly committed to personal and professional growth for each member of our team. That relationship begins next summer and continues for a lifetime.

We are NOW hiring for the 2023 season!

Austin Summer Camp staff members talking to a group of campers
Austin sunshine camps counselor talking with a camper near the zip line
Group of Austin Sunshine Camp Counselors and Volunteers Posing for a Group Photo

Summer 2022 Schedule


Counselor in Training

Counselors-In-Training (CITs) are the cheerleaders of camp. They bring the energy, set the tone, and create an environment for campers to be excited to be a part of! The CITs strive to bring the best versions of themselves to camp every single day, being role models and creating a sense of belonging for their campers with their energy, joy, and positivity. CITs are the bridge between our campers and the counselors during their time at summer camp, and at Austin Sunshine Camps, they are passionate about fulfilling our vision for each one of the kids in their cabin. In short, CITs bring the magic to ASC!