Engaging and empowering youth through education and outdoor experiences.


Igniting infinite possibilities for Austin’s youth.

Value Statements

Every camper SHINES at Austin Sunshine Camps.

We put  S​afety first Responsibility for ourselves, our camp and each other
We are  H​onest Truthfulness in all we do
We  I​nclude everyone Every person matters
We  N​ever give up Persistence, grit and resilience
We are  E​mpowered We can accomplish anything


In 1928, The Young Men’s Business League of Austin recognized the serious community threat of youth tuberculosis and established the Austin Sunshine Camps in Zilker Park, as it was said that exposure to sunshine could promote healing from the disease. The park provided a space in which local economically disadvantaged children could gain weight, grow strong, and spend time outdoors. Today, Austin Sunshine Camps is still serving youth living near or below the poverty line. Our programs enrich the community by encouraging and facilitating the power to succeed through education and healthy living.  Austin Sunshine Camps renders the space and comfort kids need to look beyond their current situation and dream big.